Supercoat Film


Supercoat Film was founded in 2021 as a service for remote colour grading and look development. To kickstart, I made a showreel/teaser which you can see below.

I specialise in look development, which is the process of finding and creating a look whether it's for a film, music video, or other visual piece. Ideally, this process starts before principal photography. The colourist sits down with the director, DP and/or art director to discuss the desired look for the project. This can be done on the basis of reference images. It can also involve LUT creation for in-camera use so that the crew can see a closer to final result on-set. It's somewhat like choosing a film stock; negative, reversal and a corresponding print film.

Determining a look before production can support the DP and art director to enhance the feel of the film and achieve artistic goals in terms of colour better.

Below are three examples of distinctive looks made from the same shot:

Reel: Supercoat Film

Standard Rec709 to an Orange and Teal Action Film Look

Log to a 35mm Film Look

Standard Rec709 to a 16mm Reversal Film Look with a touch of halation.